Youth & Community Wellbeing Laboratory


Prof Dr. Kulanthayan K.C. Mani

Dip (Lund), B.Sc. (UPM), M.Sc. (UTM), Ph.D (UPM), MCIEH
Speciality: Child Injury Prevention
ScopusID : 57203952861
Google Scholar : Kulanthayan S
ResearchGate : Kulanthayan KC Mani


Assc. Prof. Dr. Barakatun Nisak Mohd Yusof

Expertise: Clinical Nutrition, Diabetes
Google Scholar ID: Barakatun Nisak Mohd Yusof
Scopus ID: 35190686200



Prof. Dr. Haslinda Abdullah
Research Interest : Youth & Development, Social Psychology, Islam & Psychology

Dip. In. Sc. (ITM), B.A.(Hons) (UIA), M.A. (UKM), Ph.D. (Nottingham)
Expertise: Psychology and Development 
Tel   :  03.9769 7876

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Scopus:     Abdullah, Haslinda


Dr. Zatul Himmah Adnan

B.A.(Hons.) (UM), M.A. (UKM), Ph.D. (Flinders)
Expertise: Politics and Policy
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Google Scholar:     Zatul Himmah Adnan
Scopus:                Adnan, Zatul Himmah


Think Tank

Prof. Dr. Md Salleh Hj Hassan Email :
Prof. Dr. Aminah Ahmad Email: 
Prof. Dr. Anjas Asmara@Ab. Hadi Bin Samsudin

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Prof. Dr. Shaufique Fahmi Ahmad Sidique

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Prof. Madya Dr. Norsida Man

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Dr. Nik Ahmad Sufian Burhan

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Dr. Vivien How

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Dr. Syarifah Norkhadijah Syed Ismail

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Dr. Nor Eliani Ezani

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Dr. Nur Bahiah Mohamed Haris

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Dr. Armania Nurdin

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Dr Nurul Husna Binti Mohd Shukri

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Dr. Yasmin Yaccob

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Youth in Leadership, Politics & Citizenship Laboratory


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fazli Sabri  
Expertise : Consumer Finance (Personal and Family Finance)
Research Interest : Children-Youth-Adult Financial Literacy, Financial Capability, Financial Security, Financial Vulnerability

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Google  Scholar:   Prof. Dr. Mohamad Fazli Sabri                            
ResearchGate:      Mohamad Fazli Sabri
Scopus:               Sabri, Mohamad Fazli



Prof. Dr. Samsilah Roslan

Areas of Specialization : Educational Psychology

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Assc. Prof. Dr. Lee Yok Fee

LEE Yok Fee, Ph.D, associate professor in the Faculty of Human Ecology at the University of Putra Malaysia. He was trained in Anthropology & Sociology and specializes in the field of ethnic relations and identity studies. His research focus includes Chinese identity, Buddhist identity, national identity, and social cohesion

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Google Scholar:     Lee Yok Fee
ResearchGate:       Yok_Fee_Lee
Scopus:                Fee, Lee Yok


Assc. Prof. Dr. Roziah Mohd Rasdi

Areas of Specialization: Human Resource Development

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Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Mursyid Arshad

Dr. Mohd Mursyid has been widely published, as author or co-author of a book, book chapters, monographs, bproceedings, and scores of scholarly papers and related materials in areas such as youth development, extension education, human resource development and community education. He received a bachelordegree in Human Resource Development in 2008, a master degree in Extension Education in 2010 and a doctorate in Extension Education (Youth Development) from UPM in 2016.


Think Tank

Prof. Dr. Bahaman Abu Samah Email : 
Prof. Madya Dr. Nobaya Ahmad

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Prof. Dr. Siti Aishah Hassan

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Prof. Madya Dr. Nor Wahiza Abdul Wahat

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Prof. Madya Dr. Dahlia Zawawi

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Prof. Madya Dr. Kamariah Kamaruddin

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Prof. Madya Dr. Zainal Madon

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Prof. Madya Dr. Hanina Halimatusaadiah Hamsan

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Dr. Mohd Roslan Rosnon


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Dr. Azlina Mohd Khir

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Dr. Askiah Jamaluddin

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Dr Aini Azeqa Ma’rof

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Prof. Madya Dr. Janice Nga Lay Hui Email :  


Cyber Generation Laboratory


Prof. Dr. Asnarulkhadi Abu Samah

B.A.(Hons), M.Phil. (Malaya), Ph.D. (Nottingham)
Expertise: Community Development, Community Organization and Community Studies

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ResearchGate:     Asnarulkhadi_Abu_Samah
Scopus:              54400849100


Assc. Prof. Dr. Jusang Bolong 

Kepakaran : Human Communication
Research Interest : Interpersonal Relation, Social Media Usage, Relationship on Virtual Community


Prof. Dr. Rusli Abdullah

He is an expert of Knowledge management and Software Engineering fields. These fields of expertise are very useful in managing knowledge (tacit and explicit) of best practise or lesson learnt for community of practise (CoP) physically or virtually especially in related to software development as a knowledge factory environment. Therefore, the members of CoP can promote knowledge sharing among them towards the community of the future or Society 5.0.


Assc. Prof. Dr. Marzanah A. Jabar
Current research interests are in Software Engineering, Knowledge Management,
Information Management Systems, and Enterprise Software Development. Marzanah is the
Principal Investigator for 32 research grants valued at RM2 millions, consultation work worth
at RM300,000 and has published in more than 180 articles in journals, proceedings, book
chapters and others. Additionally, Dr. Marzanah has more than 50 copyrights and 2 patents
to her name. She has also successfully commercialized 1 product from her own research.



Think Tank

Prof. Madya Dr. Siti Zobidah Omar

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Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Nizam Osman

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Prof. Madya Dr. Masrah Azrifah Azmi Murad

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Dr. Wan Munira Wan Jaafar

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Dr. Aira Abdul Rahim

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Dr. Julia Wirza Mohd Zawawi

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Ts. Dr. Mohd Zairul Mohd Nor

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Dr. Sharil Nizam Sha’ri

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Dr. Ilyana Jalaluddin

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Ts Latifah binti Abd Latib

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