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Designing A Virtual Empowerment Mobile App for the Blinds

The Virtual Empowerment App for the Blinds is an empowerment mobile application for the blind. It is developed based on the modules of the existing Latihan Maya Kejayaan Orang Kurang Upaya app, which was intended to empower persons with physical disabilities. As the requirements of persons with physical disabilities greatly differ from that of vision disabilities, this study aims to develop an app that would help blind users to navigate the module of Latihan Maya Kejayaan OKU by themselves based on the requirements observed from the blind users. An interface design to develop a functional and practical app for the blinds is proposed. A comparison between different gesture platforms was also compared. Three tests were conducted, namely the preliminary testing, pilot testing and final testing to analyze the interaction of users when using the app. Results suggested that the extended app developed based on the design proposed in this study were easily navigated and adapted by persons with vision disabilities.


Untuk artikel penuh : Norowi, N. M., Alham, N. A. M., & Wahat, N. W. A. (2018, March). Designing A Virtual Empowerment Mobile App for the Blinds. In Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience in Indonesia, CHIuXiD'18 (pp. 23-30). ACM. 

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