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Working visit to Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia (IKIM)

13 May 2022 : IPSAS had made an official visit to the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia or IKIM.  This meetup chaired by the Director General of IKIM himself, YBhg. Assoc Prof Dr Mohamed Azam bin Mohamed Adil.  IPSAS delegates were headed by Assoc Prof Dr Haliza Abdul Rahman, IPSAS Laboratory Head accompanied by Prof. Dr. Abdul Lateef Krauss Abdullah, Ts. Dr. Mohd Zairul Mohd Noor, Nurul Akhtar Kamarudin and Zaifunizam Ariffin.

IKIM is looking forward for a working collaboration with IPSAS.  Among the proposed activity will be a special 13 episodes of IPSAS radio show and IKIM’s Warna Pagi slot for IPSAS to deliberate on current and trending social issue.  IPSAS will be able to showcase the panel of experts to heat up the discussion.  In addition, IPSAS and IKIM to work on book publication. The collaboration between IPSAS and IKIM will be beneficial and impactful to the country and community, InsyaAllah

Date of Input: 25/05/2022 | Updated: 26/05/2022 | nooryati


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